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 Joburg's Finest Toyota Competition 2012 - Updates

14 September 2012, 21h00 (12 hours to go):

Strong winds, drizzle…and then… a flat-out storm raged outside. Nevertheless, there we were at Rand Stadium Toyota, anxious to see if months of planning and many late nights would all go down the drain because mother nature decided we needed a cool-down. Billy Naidoo from Rand Stadium Toyota and myself just stared outside. If it rained the next day, well, what was meant to be, was meant to be. Anyway, setup had already commenced earlier in the week, so most of the work was completed. Also, some of the TTCC Showcase cars began coming in since 17h00, and the owners were there until quite late, cleaning, polishing, shining…and I can’t forget to mention the vast array of cleaning materials and products they were armed with.

15 September 2012, 07h00 (2 hours to go):

Overcast, gloomy, dull and rainy…not the sort of words we wanted to even think about on September 15…but like it or not, that is how it started out.
But irrespective, shortly before 09h00, the first entrants began trickling in. The trickle grew to a steady flow, and on went the show!
This year’s Joburg’s Finest Toyota Show proved to be one of the premier Toyota events to be present at in South Africa. The TTCC in conjunction with Rand Stadium Toyota and Cars.co.za left pretty much no stone unturned in trying to give the people a Toyota-only show like no other before…
The 2-level Showroom floor where you would usually find the new car model line-up, now showcased some of the TTCC’s Finest Toyota’s on the Showroom Floor. Using a major upper floor, was “The Evolution of the Corolla”…and as the name states, had just about every Corolla incarnation from an SR5 to the latest Auris TRD.
Three brand new 86′s found themselves completing off the the upper level Showcase…and though the public was already gaga-eyed over some of the most delectable Corolla cars on the upper floor, once they got to the Lower Floor, it was as if they had arrived in Japan – the Inspiring Imports showcase housed 5 MR2′s and 3 Supras…oh yes, and one little Aygo – that had balls…
Toyotas of all shapes and sizes, all models and designations, common or rare, made an appearance. Apart from the Show ‘n Shine, there was a host of things to keep any Toyota enthusiast busy. Using the new Prado and FJ Cruiser, the Toyota Advanced Driving team took the public on a simulated off-road course - known as Urban 4×4 Trax.
The Rob Green Motorsport team brought through a formidable display…consisting of a Fortuner, Prado, Land Cruiser, and FJ Cruiser…all of which had the RGM Supcharged treatment, and also kitted with some choice wheels and accessories.
Off-road specialists L.A. Sport displayed some of the most hard core off -roading equipment you could think of, and also some that you couldn’t. From a raised bumper to complete suspensions, these guys had it all.
Auto Armor was there, doing a demonstration on a 20 RXi and Mk1 MR2, and you’d better believe that the difference was clearly noticable…both visually, and to the touch.
The Twin Cam Club held the Bass Battle sound-off, in the Novice, Amateur, Pro, Bassboxing and Expert classes. We also added something new in the mix - the REV-IT! Exhaust dB Battle. This was a crowd favorite for sure, seeing which car had the loudest exhaust decibel reading. Some of the cars really hit high numbers in both the 4cyl or less and 6 cyl or more classes. Either way, hearing the exhaust notes of anything and everything including two Supras, was a sheer crowd-pleaser! It will definitely remain on the TTCC’s event roster, and more frequently than you might think!
The TTCC also did some public displays…comprising of an IS-F burnout session, piloted by Ryan. Ahh, the sweet smell of rubber in the early afternoon…
Committee member Keith as well as I, did a few gymkhana display runs with our Mk1 and Mk3 MR2′s respectively. Keith showed quicker manouveres and the tighter lines, and also a donut or two, while I went on a mission displaying the higher speed drift using bigger curves, and also demonstrated J-turns.
Despite the gray start to the day, it didn’t stop the real Toyota enthusiasts from coming through in their hundreds and spectating, supporting, particpating and ultimately it’s because of you all that this event was indeed a great success.
- Rand Stadium Toyota
- Cars.co.za
- Toyota South Africa
- Toyota Advanced Driving
- Rob Green Motorsport
- L.A. Sport
- Auto Armor
- Ryan (IS-F)
- Rithin & Vilan
- to all the TTCC Showcase vehicle owners
- and YOU, the attendee.
Be sure to catch the next Twin Cam Club Event…coming soon! Check the Forum and Next Event website feature soon for details.
If you were one of the unfortunate enthusiasts that missed this grand Toyota-only event, well…the next Toyota-only event of this sort is not to far away, though early next year…the Twin Cam Club’s AGM. This time around, the normally sedate AGM will be blown massively out of proportion, with anything and everything that a Toyota enthusiast will want to see and be a part of. So if you missed Joburg’s Finest Toyota, well, you only have 4 more months to wait until the bumper AGM event. Details of the AGM will be out soon on both the Forum and website.
Article: Kimesh Naidoo
Images: Kimesh Naidoo & Sumeshan Reddy

4 September 2012

Joburg's Finest Toyota 2012 is to be held on 15 September at Rand Stadium Toyota. The event will run between 9am and 2pm. Rand Stadium Toyota is situated in the south of Johannesburg, right next door to the Glen Shopping Centre, Orphen Road, Eastcliffe.

Joburg's Finest Toyota is essentially a day dedicated to Toyota owners and lovers. It's a day we at Rand Stadium Toyota give back to all loyal customers and friends. It's another year that has passed whereby we as a business would like to say "thank you" to everyone who has contributed to the success of Rand Stadium Toyota over the past 32 years.
The competition itself is a showcase of the very best that Toyota owners have to offer - we acknowledge and reward those owners who have painstakingly kept their vehicles in tiptop condition and outshine the rest. We run various categories- from pre70's, pre80's to highest mileage, lowest mileage , most exotic, most pimped and best 4x4.

JFT 2011:

Our last event proved to be a great success, with over 200 entrants participating. Attendees and participants alike where spoilt for the day with live entertainment, great exotic displays by the Lotus Club and our co-hosts, the Toyota Twincam club. Noteworthy highlights include, our overall winner- Donovan Horn - with his 1975 Corolla SR5 still as clean as the day it was built; the Trd lift back, Twin-turbo Supra, import Celica ,MR2 and some fantastic examples of Corollas through the ages. 

What to expect at JFT 2012:

This year promises to be an event like no other. We have pulled out all the stops to ensure that Joburg's Finest Toyota 2012 goes down as an event that every Toyota owner cherishes and everyone else, -well let's put it this way - if you didn't drive a Toyota before the event, you surely will take a different view as to which car brand you choose to be associated with, after the event. JFT 2012 has been in the planning stages for the last 6 months- our aim was to ensure Toyota owners and fans will come to experience the nostalgia and history associated with the brand; to create a new sense of pride; to bring together old and new; and to just have fun together. Again we acknowledge customers through the 32 years from our humble beginnings, to those who have helped us become a powerhouse dealership. 
This year, we are pleased to offer the following attractions (in association with the Toyota Twincam club and cars.co.za):
  • We host Toyota's incredible " 4x4 Urban Trax" which showcases the incredible capabilities of our off-roaders;
  • The Twincam club host the gymkhana event; a sound off, and "rev-it" events;
  • Our Lexus colleagues will host the awesome and unique Lexus LFA - a 5 million rand super car that was a legend before it was even built!
  • We of course will showcase another legend on the complete other end of the scale- the Toyota 86.
  • To add to this, we will feature a top South African super-group pumping out live tunes as well as an idol finalist; live DJ; bull riding machine; kiddies entertainment; accessory and supplier demonstrations
  • And the best for last...: Joburg's Finest Toyota competition!