Hello to all you super Toyota people,


I recently (Saturday, to be exact) bought a new Toyota Etios from your great team at Rand Stadium Toyota.  Just to let you know that I had the most happy experience.  Everyone at the dealership was so friendly and helpful.  Could it be something in the delicious coffee and chocolate or perhaps you screen potential employees, to make sure that everyone has the HAPPY gene. 


Keith Naidoo is a very special person and did everything to ensure that the whole experience was 100% wonderful. 


I left your dealership feeling on top of the world and every time I drive my lovely little Etios, I feel like a queen.


I’m glad that for two years, I will be going back there, when take my car for a service.  I’m absolutely certain that it will be a happy and satisfying experience.


Kind regards,




iX Online Motoring