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Joburg's Finest Toyota Competition

Rand Stadium Toyota Joburg's Finest

Joburg's Finest Toyota 2012 was held on 15 September at Rand Stadium Toyota. 

Joburg's Finest Toyota is essentially a day dedicated to Toyota owners and lovers. Its a day we at Rand Stadium Toyota give back to all loyal customers and friends. It's another year that has passed whereby we as a business like to say "thank you" to everyone who has contributed to the success of Rand Stadium Toyota over the past 32 years. The competition... | Read more here

Latest Updates:

  • WINNERS ANNOUNCED! See below..
  • See the photos of our great event. Click here.
  • Read all about the last 12 hours before the event. Click here
  • It is done, finished 'en kla'! And what a great day!! Pictures coming soon.
  • It's finally HERE- Head to RST to experience a day like no other!       ..15 Sept
  • 1 day to go- Don’t forget; Lexus LFA, 86, TRD classics and great giveaways         ...14 Sept
  • We have DJ CJ spinning the decks and the Supafly band featuring Veronique from Idols and big band musicians       ...13 Sept
  • Rob Green Motorsport confirmed with his modified beasts- what a treat!         ...12 Sept
  • ToyotaSA-endorsed 4x4 UrbanTrax confirmed as a special treat for 4x4 enthusiasts – See Prado FJ and Hilux do the unbelievable!                                                                                                       ...11 Sept
  • We end off the gymkhana event with the Lexus IS-F burnout- V8 monstrosity!       ...10Sept
  • The 1000HP Supra has been confirmed as a showcase vehicle for the event         ...9 Sept 
  • The Lexus LFA- one of 4 in the country is confirmed as a showcase vehicle for the event   ...8 Sept
  • First 50 entrants will receive CAR -3 month subscription and a personalised cover magazine with their vehicle!      ...7 Sept

Categories for awards were as follows:

  • Best pre-1980's Toyota
  • Best Toyota 1980-1985
  • Best Toyota 1986 - 1995
  • Best Toyota 1996 - 2000
  • Best Toyota 2001 +
  • Most Outrageous Toyota Award
  • Neatest Toyota Award
  • Highest Mileage Award
  • Best Modified (Pimped) Toyota

 And, the WINNERS are....:

  •  Pre 1980 & Highest Mileage   - Joe Lala (1979 Corolla SR5 with +- 800 000km!
  • 1980-1990   - Muhammed Ravat (1984 Corolla 1.8GLS)
  • 1990-2000   - Kamlesh Morar (Corolla Gli Twincam)
  • 2000-2005   - Tony Lala (runX Rsi)
  • 2005-current   - Jacques Janse van Vuuren (runX 1.6RS)
  • Neatest Award   - Abel Martins ( 1988 Conquest TC 16V)
  • Import Award   - Patrick Perreira (2000 Mr2)
  • Lowest Mileage*   - Dane Vardarajulu (corolla 1.6GLS 1981 with 75127 km!) * based on year
  • Modified Award   - Ziaad Ebrahim (1987 Corolla 1.6 )
And, finally..

The Overall Winner*- Joburg’s Finest Toyota!

Abel Martins ( 1988 Conquest Twincam 16V)

*based on overall scoring Vs. year
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